If You Find A Woman With These 16 Habits

If You Find A Woman With These 16 Habits – Never Let Her Go

Relationships can be hard. It is hard to find a good man or woman. It’s hard to find someone you want to be around and who has the habits you admire. Someone who knows what you want and who you are, that person doesn’t need to be nagged or told to do something. They just know. If you are a man who has found a woman like this, know how lucky you are to have found her.

If you haven’t, here are 16 habits you should look for in a woman – they make her stand out amongst others.

1. She is willing to act first.

Whether it’s asking you out, making the first move, or is just willing to text first, you notice she is taking charge and initiating. Don’t expect her to do everything for you, but you can tell she is not the typical woman. She doesn’t hesitate to make the first move if it’s what she wants. She is willing to make the effort.

2. She cares about you.

Relationships won’t work out unless both of you care about each other. If she doesn’t care about you or your life, it’s not going to work out. If she shows you how she feels about you, you should give her a chance. It shows that she isn’t just playing games with you. You need someone who cares about what you want in a relationship.

3. She respects you.

This does not mean you should believe you’re untouchable. This does not mean you can do whatever you want at all times. But she does respect you and who you are. She doesn’t make a scene in public if you are fighting. She cares about the reputation of both herself and you. In a relationship, you both need to respect each other.

4. She is independent.

Her world doesn’t revolve around you and it shouldn’t. She has a life of her own. She has friends, family, and work to keep her busy. She chooses to have you in her life. She doesn’t need you. This shows where her priorities are. She is not obsessed with being in a relationship. This shows she won’t cling on to you and cause unpleasant situations.

5. She has her life together.

You don’t want someone who is falling apart. We all have our faults and almost no one has it all figured out, but if most of her life is sorted out, she is a keeper. This means she wants you for you, not for what you have. She doesn’t want you to help sort her life out. She already has it mostly together.

6. She accepts you for who you are.

She doesn’t want you for your money. She knows better than to start a relationship just for financial gain. She also doesn’t need your money. She has her own. If she has a stable job and career, this is a great sign. She wants you for your personality. She accepts who you are and knows what she wants in the future. She has a clear plan for the future.

7. She takes charge in the bedroom.

This woman knows what she wants in all aspects of the relationship. Sex is an important part of a relationship. You don’t want someone who makes you do all the work. You don’t want to have to work hard to figure out what she wants. She should be able to show you or tell you what she wants. It makes things exciting and fun.

8. She appreciates you.

She doesn’t tell you what she wished you were. She appreciates who you are just as you are. Your quirks don’t bother her, but they are what she loves about you. She likes your way of living. You don’t want someone around constantly nagging you to get a better life or to change yourself or your habits. You want someone who doesn’t bring that negativity to your life.

9. She is proud of you.

She tells everyone in her life about you. She is proud to have you. She is proud of who you are and the fact she has you. She doesn’t hide your relationship. When you accomplish something, she brags about you to others.

10. She listens to you.

She listens to how your day was. She empathizes with a long hard day, but she doesn’t try to compete with you. She doesn’t try to make you feel like your day wasn’t bad just because she thinks her day was worse. She understands and waits for you to finish talking before she tells you about how her day was.

11. She is a happy person.

If her past is filled with bitter endings, that is a red flag. You want someone who has positive relationships that ended friendly. However, you don’t want her to be too friendly with her past relationships. She is not bitter at those who did her wrong in the past. It’s in the past and she has moved on positively.

12. She doesn’t talk you down.

Some women complain about their boyfriend to their friends or family. They make jokes and talk bad about you. They point out your flaws no matter if you’re around or not. If she keeps your secrets, talks positively to you and about you, and doesn’t talk down about you, this shows you can open up to her and trust her.

13. She gives you space when you need it.

She doesn’t need you all of the time. She knows you need time with friends and just time to yourself. This is healthy in a relationship. You don’t need to be around each other all of the time. Some space is healthy. This also shows maturity.

14. She trusts you.

She doesn’t hover over your phone when you are on it or question you about your actions all of the time. She trusts you. You don’t want someone constantly nagging you about where you are or what you are doing.

15. She is fun.

She loves to have a good time in whatever you are doing. She is settled and organized but she can still be silly and have fun. She knows how important it is to relax and have a good time. She knows when you need to relax and take a break and knows how to have fun doing it.

16. She lets you be yourself.

She respects your hobbies and gives you time to do them. She lets you do what you need to do to enjoy yourself. She accepts all of you, the good, the bad, and the ugly. You don’t feel like you need to hide anything from her because you know she will accept whatever it is.

Are you one of the lucky men who have found such a woman? How many of these habits does she have and is she THE ONE? Let us know in the comments!

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